Monday, January 05, 2004

To quote HMP inmate number 108453 : "It’s good to be back, It’s good to be back." For once I had a pretty wicked New Year. And yes I did just use the word wicked. People came to me as outlined below but Mac & The G Man very kindly stumped up the cash for fud & everyone else brought booze / cheese / pudding / fireworks. If you want to totally impress with your cooking this is what me & The G Man ‘threw together’ for 10 :-

Antipasti (salami, palma ham, chorizzo, asparagus)
Tiger prawn kebabs with ginger lime & garlic
Dates cooked in bacon with red pepper & honey salsa
Wild mushroom risotto
Spinach with pepper
Venison & Pheasant middle eastern casserole.
Ice cream w/ berries
8 x cheese
A fucking TON of booze.

To my certain knowledge I ingested beer, sherry, prosecco, white wine, red wine & champagne at different and repeated points throughout the evening. Ack. However the fireworks that Jules was kind enough to bring were fantastic. I always seem to end up being head firework monitor these days so am happy to report that no-one was maimed though one of them did produce an awful lot more flying, burning embers than the average flat roof normally requires.

Oh yeah, and Teej went flipping mental but what else is new. Bonus points to Mac for getting her to shut up – scary!

Happy New Year campers!

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