Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Sooooo good to be back online again. I really need to sort this out properly once and for all. Alas I am now so broke that the chances of buying a new machine are, like, zero. In fact I'm more than broke - I'm £80 over my special 'one time only' overdraft extension extension. I'm doomed. Credit card companies are not going to be content with turning me down they'll be sending me letters telling me I haven't been specially selected. And I don't even get any more money till 15 JAN!!!!

Seriously I applied to Amex a while ago and to start with they were super keen - cos on paper I look like a pretty good bet. To start with. And then they just stopped. It wasn't like they even rang to say never darken our doors again. It was like they didn't even want my number in their phone system in case I contaminated it with pauperism or something. Bastards.

So I'm broke and itchy too. OK not really related but - well there was the Christening on Sunday morning so I put on my special suit. This is sort of green and tweedy and hairy. And itchy. Alright - its now Tuesday evening so why ma I still wearing it? Haven't been home yet. My friend The G Man is here as well and hasn't seen his luggage sinse Sunday morning either because, well, it's in my flat of course. I don't even know where he is anymore. He's wandering London somewhere dressed in a Baptism suit probably cursing my name ;-)

I guess I really ought to get home and let him in or something. But here at Mac's place I have online access and a computer that works plus entertainment. It's just a matter of balance. Online + free food + endless tea = need to let friend from Chicago in & change out of these HIDEOUS HAIRY TROUSERS THAT ARE DRIVING ME CRAZY. At least my hangover seems to have abated. Will have a night off tonight and then ready for more tomorrow night. In a mood of complete insanity I offered to cook dinner for people. Basically I hate New Year, not as much as I hate Christmas, it's just that I never have a good year. In fact the only good one in recent memory I can think of was 2001, but that's another story. So I'm cooking dinner and I have about 35 pence to my name. And 10 people coming to dinner. SHIT.

How did this happen. I'm screwed.

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