Wednesday, September 29, 2004

In the words of Gary 'Ooh not me hard drive Missus' Glitter : "It's good to be back, it's good to be back". And there we have it - starting off again as I mean to continue with a really unplesasnt little reference. Perhaps I should have quoted from the saintly Dodgy instead : "I've been away, I've been a fool".

I never blog during the summer (OK - this is only the second time) but repeating last year's patten gives me a certain comfort level here - plus I've been working very hard for a very posh set of fund managers in the city who really really love themselves. Anyhoo - I'm not working for them anymore because they are TOSSERS. They're so gimpoid their firewall wouldn't vene let you see blogger. not that that's an excuse - could of done it from home, but it's easier at work somehow . . .

So what else is new . . . um nothing really. I get to be best man in a month or two and so far I have done NOTHING about organisisng the stag do . . . not my fault, I hate stag dos. Complete waste of time if you ask me. Ridiculous. But it's starting to worry me.