Wednesday, January 28, 2004

I'm still not thinking about it, you can't make me. . . ha ha ha . . . I'm not listening . . .



I just can’t hold it in any longer . . .

Arrggggg Arrggggghhh ArrrgggggggHHH. DIE DIE DIE. FUCKERS! SCUM SHIT FUCKERS.


OK - I’m going to make it brief for the sake of my own sanity and blood pressure. 2 days ago we had a very real chance of getting rid of fuckface blair once and for all. Now where are we? Nowhere. That Nick Brown needs seeing to. What a gutless piece of crap. He’s catapulted himself straight onto my shit-for-brains list and the most pathetic thing is that his revolting last minute weaselling was all for nothing : Fuckface wouldn’t even spit on you now and Gordon will never trust you again mate, so its too late, TOO LATE. You will never have a government job again. But let’s put that aside for now. Let’s even put aside the fact that we now have one of the lamest and most flawed piece of bollocks education legislation ever and, and, and, I can hardly bear to type it, think about . . . Hutton.

I simply refuse to believe it. What happened to the endless government weaselling? Their snivelling half excuses? Their bombast and shiftiness? Their unutterable arrogance and hatred of truthfulness and openness. Nothing – that’s what. Instead this pathetic excuse for a lawyer has chosen to blame the BBC, an institution with more moral authority, belief in democracy and understanding of the phrase ‘public service’ in one of Greg Dyke’s scrotum hair’s than fuckface blair and his slimy crew of hate mongerers and schoolyard bullies have ever had in their entire lives.

Even worse, as anyone with half a brain is aware the vile lying Murdoch and his wretched organs The Sun and The Times have long been waging a campaign to destroy the BBC. Their hatred of the BBC is largely because the BBC provides a greatly superior product at a much cheaper price. If it could be removed Murdoch & Co will be free to manipulate, subjugate and extort the British population pretty much at will. It’s about destroying wonderful, meaningful and above all independent and honestly motivated institutions in order to feed more tarnished cash squeezed largely from the urban and rural poor and the underclass - the very people a Labour government should be trying to protect the most - into News International’s profit engine. The fact that this ‘report’ plays directly into the hands of these bullying cultural rapists, these thugs, yobs, scum of the earth wankers and allows their political beneficiaries off Scot free as well, that presumably is just a coincidence.

Anyway, I don’t want to write any more about it until I have read the report myself rather than the pre-digested bullshit the papers feed us. But this isn’t over yet, for good or evil - not by a long chalk. And if I have to see blair’s revolting smug bucket of shit face smirking out of the TV at me and no doubt banging on about it ‘Not being a time of celebration, but a time for sober reflection and lesson learning’ while all along screaming with puffed up victory madness, then, well, I don’t know what’ll happen, but it won’t be pretty.

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