Friday, January 23, 2004

I’m gasping for a fag. I haven’t had one since Sunday and now it’s Friday and I’m about to get on an 8 hour flight. Unfortunately they are packed in my luggage in the boot of the Cadillac and Ravi has the keys. There is nowhere round here you can buy cigs, in fact they are probably illegal on campus.

Where is Ravi?

I want a fag.

So what else is going on – well the Caddy is a fine vehicle should your employer’s rental budget stretch to it. Only two problems with it :-

1) Whilst bigger then most SUVs - it doesn’t have a whole lot of interior space and the boot is pretty small too.
2) Despite the 300 bhp 4.6L V8 engine it accelerates like a cow with a broken leg, and steers pretty much the same way as well.

Having said all that it certainly looks the part and makes a satisfyingly vroomy noise on the interstate. The doors make a very nice clunk when shutting as well :) Should you have more money than you really need and no sense of environmental responsibility I can heartily recommend it.

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