Friday, January 09, 2004

This week has been a complete non starter, excepting Monday’s trip to the pub of course. Caused largely by impecuniousness - thank God I get paid Monday. With my luck the bank will have cancelled my overdraft and I’ll still be broke. Arse. Still that’s Monday – no point worrying about it now.

However I did mange to boost my available cash limit by nearly 50% by finding a £2 coin down the back of the sofa (yes I was looking). This leaves me with £5.86, and I have £2.11 on my Girovend card. There’s Woo, and there’s Hoo.

I have been doing some top level scrounging this week – Monday Phil lent me some money so as to get to work. Wednesday I went to Jacoby’s paid for by my noble employers - I can heartily recommend the Duck Confit. Tonight going round to Mac’s so need to sing for my supper ;-). Apart from that I’ve been living off 29p packet noodles, indigestion tablets and going to bed early. As a result of which I feel remarkably chipper – fresh faced and ready for anything.

Talking of the pub, it seems to be something I hardly ever do these days – at least in comparison with days of yore. I guess I’ll haul myself to The Swimmer with Phil once a week or so, but apart from that I just don’t seem to go any more. Before Christmas went to Big Red on a whim, and some Fridays will see me lurking in The Chandos with fm1 and her sister, or occasionally I’ll end up in The Princess Louise with The Kids but that apart, going to the pub now seems very ‘destinational’. How sad is that? I remember about 3 years ago me and Hari went to The Yorkshire Grey 5 nights running from 6 o’clock till closing time. We didn’t plan it – it just happened. We must have drunk 70-80 pints no problem. Happy days.

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