Thursday, January 29, 2004

NO NO NO!! This is SHIT!

OK - Gavyn Davies resigns - this we can cope but Greg Dyke as well!! Top quality DGs like Mr Dyke don't grow in trees. This will really hurt the BBC and they haven't done anything wrong.

If possible I now hate Blair and his evil lying corrupt government even more than before. He is wilfully and purposefully damaging invaluable British resources simply to bolster his own vanity and ego. I'm literally sickened.
There was an interesting comment in the BBCs Have Your Say section, pointing out that, OK, maybe Gilligan did not sufficiently check the veracity of whether or not the government believed the 45 minute claim or not. This led to a slightly more interesting edition of the today programme an orgy of media hot air and the resignation of Alastair Campbell.

So there are now 2 possibilities:-

1) The government knew it was bollocks all along, said it anyway and have been comprehensively lying to cover their backs.

2) They didn't know it was bollocks because they hadn't checked their facts properly which led directly to the death of thousand and thousands of civilians and troops.

Either way it was bollocks as we now well know so clearly the government did not check it's facts properly before publishing them, exactly what the BBC is being ritually spayed for.

The difference being that the BBC's 'mistake' led only to Campbell having to get a new job, whilst the government's 'mistake' cost the lives of untold numbers of men, women and children.

What the FUCK???

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