Thursday, January 15, 2004

Eeesh – out again last night, this time with Stev & Mac at The George, which is a bit of a city wanker pub but not bad all the same. And they have the best ashtrays – highly collectable. You can tell it’s in the city because a) It’s full of blokes in suits and b) The toilets cubicles have flush fitting floor to ceiling doors and lovely long wide flat porcelain plinths. Yummy.

Stev, bless him, has a problem with mobile phones – he simply can’t abide them. It’s all a bit of a pose of course but he has been extremely consistent in his condemnation of them - as a reasonably senior city lawyer specialising in corporate takeovers it’s been a major feat to avoid ever having one of the wee beasties. Anyhoo Mac was winding S up last night by showing him her very shiny new Ericcson. It must have been when he realised that all the crap hanging off it

in manner of Japanese cybergirl was actually Hello Kitty crap and NOT Afro Ken crap that he finally cracked and deposited said phone in a pint of beer (Kronenberg 1664). Unsurprisingly it stopped working. 10 out of 10 for style, and very funny, but £250 for a 10 second sight gag is really kinda showing off, even for a city lawyer. I did however learn that T-mobile Ericcson sim cards work in my crappy Virgin Motorola.

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