Thursday, November 30, 2006

Chrsty Moore

I went to see Christy Moore the other week, and can safely say it was one of the best gigs I've ever been to. His voice is just amazing, and Declan Sinnott's guitar playing is nothing short of miraculous. This is one of his jollier ones :-


I just realised that Christmas is coming up. Again. Perosonally I'd be perfectly happy to live under the White Witch in Narnia - always winter and never Christmas.

I'm not absolutely certain why I dislike Christmas so much. I quite like presents, I don't hate carols, I'm not even that fussed by the rampant commercialism. I think it's more to do the whole thing reminding me that another year has passed and I have still achieved nothing, and as year after year passes I'm somehow stuck, stalled on the runway of life.

How did this happen - it certainly wasn't in the plan. And I'm not even that unhappy most of the time - shuffling along alone - you get used to it. Even to like it. I guess it's the Christmas, family, totting up what you stand for thing. I've go no partner, no kids, no permanent job. I don't even have a mortgage. You could be mistaken for thinking that makes me some sort of wild eyed desperado marching to the beat of a different drum. It doesn't, it makes me a loser.

Happy Holidays, Kids!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

GOD! People who get in the lift to go one floor! The stairs are RIGHT THERE assholes. And it's not like you couln't stand to lose a bit of weight either.

And on that note I had a bean salad and two apples for lunch today. But that was to make up for last night's lager & nachos incident. And now I'm eating a ham and cheese panini. With Salad.

I'm feeling angry today, but not as angry as this morning. I was livid then. And I don't really know what about either . . . weird.

Friday, November 10, 2006

I decided that I needed to get a PC at home. I don't have one, and despite the fact that the mac is clearly superior you just can't get everything for it. Anyway, a quick root around online and I was straight back to Mac. PC land : So many models, specs, bullshit, and dammit they're UGLY.

I'm gonna stick with my Mac purity and just learn to live with the lack of software. Since I exchanged my PC at work for a Mac as well I've been living in a Gates free world, and it's nice!

Never gonna give you up, never gonna say goodbye . . . what was I thinking??

I'm starting to wonder just how relevant this whole 'internet' thing is to the world in general. I mean the problem is that the demographic make up of the majority of net users, and in particular prolific users and early adopters (who for want of a better word I'll call the is so off whack as to be virtually meaningless. Surely a case can be made that the internet is massively amplifying the voices and opinions of a bunch of politically and socially infantile geeks.

Of course I could count myself amongst their number, but chew on this for a moment :

Number of videos on youtube matching "Nelson Mandela" : 115

Number of videos on youtube matching "Ann Coulter" : 375

But let's keep this in perspective. How many for Madonna? 13,491.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Is this what it is to get old? Follow the sequence :- 1) Eat too many lentils for lunch 2) Suffer indegestion all afternoon 3) Go to Tesco Metro to buy some rennies to asuage said indigestion 4) Queue up 5) Fumble in pocket looking for change 6) Discover packet of rennies in pocket 7) Remember you bought some at lunchtime 8) Repalce second packet. 9) Creep from store wondering if they're going to accuse you of shoplifting the original packet.

Like, DUHHH.

On the plus side my back is a lot better today!

Things that don't mix no 1,462 : lentils & ginger.