Thursday, January 22, 2004

I forgot to say that I’d been to see Lost in Translation and have to say it is so good it hurts. The kind of movie you hate because you didn’t make it. Just a perfect piece of work – utterly believable whilst at the same time mythical. And also touching, compelling and fascinating. I loved it basically. It really gives a feeling for Japan and the two main characters are just wonderful. Go see it.

I seem to have this strange ability to silence debate. This happens all around me – and not necessarily in a good way. I say something in a meeting and there is deadly silence followed by moving to the next agenda item. I add a comment to a blog – no-one ever comments again. It’s unnerving. Of course I could just be making this up in my head – delusions of grandeur, but that fully lies within the remit of the bloggeur, so I'm justified.

At the moment I’m posting with wireless using the non encrypted network from within what is known here at XXX Corporation as the ‘stealth’ building so it’s a safe bet that someone sitting in a basement wearing Aviators is poring over these words as I write them. Hello spy dudes.

This afternoon I was at one of the main campuses for this region belonging to our most powerful division. The buildings are so shiny, the lawns so perfectly manicured, the car parks so perfectly regimented. And apart from the armed guards at the entrance you NEVER see anybody EVER - not even a receptionist. If you were ever in any doubt that place drives it home - you are nothing, the individual is nothing, only The Corporation exists!

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