Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Since my return on Saturday morning I have consumed :-

6 x cup of tea
6 x pints stella
1 x pint litovel
1½ x bottle red wine
1 x bottle white wine
1 x haggis dinner
1 x portion of trifle
1 x cheese roll.
1 x prawn baguette
1 x packet mini cheddars
4 x primula cheese spread mini-rolls
1 x bowl stilton & broccoli soup
1 x twix

This is not good but it?s not terrible either. Tonight I'll cook some delicious varient of seafood with chile and have some squid ink pasta with it. Mmmmm

Provided that is I don't just go out and get bladdered instead. Which would be bad because :-

a) I have to be in work by 9am tomorrow to meet with some desktop rebuild numpty which means I have to leave by 7.15

b) I'm currently having some kind of weird financial melt down AGAIN. I simply cannot understand where my money is going? yesterday I checked my balance and I was about gbp400 short of where I thought I should be. That's a lot in my book. Not the kind of money you accidentally spend shopping and can't remember. At this rate I'm going to have to actually start checking my bank statements.

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