Monday, January 26, 2004

Oh terrific - the application to have my contract extended has been turned down because I was 4th in the list and dickface Anton will only consider 3 applications - first come first served - because he's afraid of his boss.

This means I will now be definitely leaving in 3 weeks, and the company will have to find another contractor. This is the crazy insane thing : the position still exists as a contractor post - they'll have to do another search to find someone to fill it and then train them up etc. So they're not saving any money, getting someone who knows nothing about the systems I've built and, incidentally, pissing off our biggest client who have specifically requested that I be retained.

This is the stupidest piece of bureauocratic rule following at the expense of all common sense I have ever seen. Idiots.

And on top of that I have to find another job. Bugger.

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