Wednesday, January 07, 2004

I’ve been reading the wise and witty words of wacky Ann Coulter again so naturally my blood pressure is approaching ‘nuclear power plant seconds before critical core failure’. Sheesh. Now there’s a scary fucked up loon.

Al Franken was correct in his book Lies . . . about the favourite tactic of the new right – just come out with a stream of colossal lies and repeat them endlessly. Never let copious factual evidence to the contrary put you off. Sooner or later people will start to believe you simply because they can’t believe anyone would be so dumb as to keep lying this long if it wasn’t at least part true.

The other most favoured tactic (and this is an AC fave) is to make out that Liberals are sneakily crushing patriotic conservatives and abusing their ‘power’ to always get their own way. It’s a classic piece of GOP crap – although conservatives control the Presidency, both houses of Congress, nearly all of corporate American & Wall St and either own or set the agenda in print, tv and of course radio media they’re still complaining that liberals are somehow ‘in charge’. Of course it’s just a big lie, but by continuously repeating it they hope that maybe someone will say ‘Gee – maybe those liberals are somehow calling the shots'. Trust me - they’re not.

Ann daydreaming . . .

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