Monday, January 05, 2004

Am I the only one?

In the tea room there are some magazine racks where you can only see the title and not the front cover and one was poking out called ‘Diver’. Am I the only person in the world whose first thought was that some naughty imp had been leaving porn in the tea room magazine rack again? I mean obviously it turned out to be ‘Diver incorporating Aqualung Weekly’ or some such, but sheesh, it’s a mistake anyone could make isn’t it?

Drawn in as I was to Diver this story in particular stuck out. I sure want to join those lobster fishermen for a long night trawling, what with my nervous high pitched laugh and all . . .

The price of salad in the canteen has rocketed!! A ‘12oz’ tub is now the price of the former ‘1 size’ tub which has become the more expensive 16oz tub. And what’s with the oz sized tubs? This is Europe guys! We haven’t done volume in ounces since 1971 in the UK and since about 1789 in the rest of it. I’m not complaining – I can convert as well as the next man (16oz = 1lb = .45kg = .45litres), and I’m certainly no metric nazi but it’s really weird. Where did they even find the tubs – Yesteryear Plastics?

Also, the tray reclamation area has been painted red, presumably as some kind of warning, and the sandwich vending machine is still out of order. Apparently it’s waiting for a part. And, I’ve (as of 15 minutes ago) just been informed of an unscheduled week long trip to RTP. Without weekend privileges. Oh goody.

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