Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Well I certainly haven't been doing much on the blog front lately, and that's because I've been busy. And mostly not as pissed off as normal. As I've said before a happy blogger is a dull blogger, though of course there are exceptions.

But anyway I just can't resist blowing my own trumpet for a minute. The reason for this sudden break in radio silence is that a) events are conspiring to piss me off today and b) Pan won a BAFTA! OK, I didn't win it all by myself, just as part of a team, and yes I know it's just an award, but still. IN YOUR FACE, non award winners.

And here's the piccy :-

BTW this is at the lunch we had to celebrate and I'm completely pissed, not to mention in need of a haircut, but frankly, who cares! Just for the record we won it for the Creative Interaction or some such for the openeartharchive, for which yours truly was the IA . . .