Tuesday, January 13, 2004


I got fired again. Or rather I was informed that my contract is not being extended. This is not really anyone’s fault – I’ve been here 18months, the longest period a contractor can normally be contracted so come the middle of next month I’m outta here. I guess I could have become permanent but I think both sides agree that I’m not really permy material - that would be a mistake. Basically my inability to follow rules and comply with office hours while acceptable, or rather irrelevant, in a contractor who can do the do on a regular basis without having to be told (and I can) is not something that can be tolerated of a wage slave in a corporation such as this. So it’s really nothing to do with my work but simply a matter of HR rules and the old square peg/round hole problem. Must remember to act more compliant next time around. Well I say that now, but you know it’s not going to happen. If there ever is a next time around :(

My boss is going to ‘explore some avenues’ and see what can be done but he’d have to go to his boss’ boss’ boss to overturn the 18 month rule – only two down from the great leadereen himself so I’m not holding my breath.

Pan contemplates the future :(

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