Sunday, July 31, 2005

Not many people know this but I really love the O.C. That’s a terrible thing to confess to, but I just totally can't get enough of it. I am a bit behind though - totally digging the arrival of series 2 on DVD. The reason I’m so backward is that I completely ignored it when it came out. I’ll go further. I pooh-poohed the whole thing, refused to have anything to do with it. I jeered at the poor sad deluded fans. And then one day I saw the season 1 box set in a shop for half price. So on the spur of the moment I thought I’d find out what all the fuss was about. Big mistake. I think I watched all 27 episodes in like about 2 1/2 days. Everything about it is fantastic. I particularly loved the whole cohen / summer / anna thing - however preposterous it was. Personally I would have gone for anna but summer is growing on me as well.

how could you resist??

Now i actually have something controversial to say. much as I like the ryan / marissa thing cohen / summer is a lot more interesting. Mischa Barton is of course un-naturally, almost freakishly good looking :-

but let’s face it - there just isn’t the chemistry between them that there should be. frankly you wonder why coop puts up with his man of mystery / grumpy brat routine, and i’m so not convinced by her drinking ‘problem’. I know a few things about it and she doesn’t look much like an alkie to me.

So here's my meme for season 1 :-

Favourite character : Julie Cooper. Fantastic. I just love her.

Least favourite : Oliver. Don't you just want to punch his lights out from the very first moment he appears on screen to the last second his whinging mug is ever seen. Though Teresa runs him a pretty close second.

Most fanciable : Marissa. Like duh!

Best relationship : Julie / Luke.

Favourite episode : The Best Chrismukkah Ever

Favourite moment : Sandy's reaction when Ryan confesses what he said when Marissa said she loved him.

so roll on season 2 box set. woot.

Which by the way is out here on 8th august - interestingly a full 2 weeks before it’s released in the US. Can’t wait. If you ordered it now you could have it in the US by the 11th or 12th perhaps.

But of course it’ll be region 2 and PAL not NTSC.

Ha Ha.

sometimes, for no particular reason, like now, I really miss new york. i can imagine being there right now - it's about lunchtime so everyone is doing brunch and sweating like a pig if they're eating outdoors and freezing their tits off inside. sunny days , midtown manhattan - nothing like it. i miss being there, i miss, however vicariously, being a new yorker. sometimes london seems more like an enormous open sewer than anything else. and it's so fucking cold. and rainy. all the time. i exagerate but you know what i mean.

i don't want to be here - i want to be lying in central park and thinking about going to ruby foos for some cheap suchi or perhaps calle ocho for dinner. Or, well i could talk about restaurants in manhattan all day. best meal ever? hard to say. probably indigo which is no longer there for it's laid backness and seriously inventive food. Or for the ultimate in grown up dining Alison on Dominick Street. I once took my then girlfriend there. the bill (for just the 2 of us) came to $350, which I quite happily put through company expenses. and who says romance is dead. can't remember what i ate but do remember drinking brandy at $40 the glass. thems were the days.

I am never ever drinking again. have absolutely no clue how i got home. my left hand has gone numb. why oh why oh why.

ack ack ack. never ever anything bloody ever.

cool bbq anyway. plus post bbq party crashing. plus late night bar . . . omg i am such a complete arse. fucking hell.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Does anyone else apart from me ever forget to take their glasses off in the shower, and then start wondering why the world has gone all 'bubbly'?

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

It’s bizarre. when i have nothing to do all day except hang around the house I never have anything to blog about. I mean I’ve been away - went surfing in cornwall, have been out to Yauatcha several times (a place I can’t recommend enough) but that seems to be about the limit of my activities. I’m bored bored bored.

Speaking of Yauatcha I just read the reviews and was shocked. I can only assume that the old farts who wrote them prefer being sucked off to in some french michelin restaurant rather than being treated exactly the same as everyone else in an environment that can really only be described as ‘a bit Barbarella’. Losers.

Go there. It’s incredible. And not that expensive either (dinner + cocktail + wine + service = £35)