Monday, April 14, 2003

Mood – in pain but strangely content.

Seem to have been spending quite a lot of time with Yip-Yap lately. Not good for one’s health or peace of mind, but she is an island of savage beauty in a sea of mediocrity. Actually watch this space she rang me up on Saturday and suggested we head out somewhere tomorrow. Tuesdays are my undoing. Or at least they were last week. I got so hammered I had to call in sick to work on Wednesday. Bad. Very bad. It wasn’t like I was trying to swing the lead – I was upfront about it but it’s still quite a long way from ideal. BTW have given up giving up smoking. Lasted about 5 days and was so unbearable my flatmates begged me to start again. I was only too happy to oblige. Still will have to give it up properly soon.

Looks like things are going badly for Teej. At the moment she’s staying with her Mum and that looks like being a semi permanent arrangement. Very bad – most unfortunate all round. Ho hum – can’t be helped.

So what else is new – we’ve finally found a new flatmate. She seems lovely – very keen to move in which is a bonus, and she has now paid up, so that’s all fine. It’s going to be hectic this weekend – have to get my bed out of storage and move all the other stuff all over London – what a pain – still has to be done.

Went to see Tosca on Saturday – that’s a good opera! Really need to go more often – next up Tristan & Isolde. I’m a glutton for punishment aren’t I ;-)

Wednesday, April 02, 2003

Mood : Bleak.

Well, not a whole lot been going on here. Having some difficulties finding a new flatmate – there just doesn’t seem to be anyone who wants to rent it. Seen a couple of people, but no-one that leaps out at us . . . ho hum.

Had a merry old night out with Yip-Yap on Friday. I think technically I may snogged her at some point – definitely a fairly random night out . . . odd.

Feel a bit out of sorts – depressed and ill. Have done something to the nerve in the back of my knee – keep getting strange numb sensations in my shin + non specific muscle pain. Have taken to sleeping 10/12 hours a night, but don’t feel better – continuing low level headache. Probably something to do with the fact that I’ve given up smoking. Had to happen at some point, but strangely depressing to think that that’s a pleasure to be forever gainsaid now – starting again would be weakness.

I’m reading Christiane F again after many years – probably not helping with my hypochondria, but still gripping + monumentally depressing.

The news has of course been completely off putting as well. I just so want this war to be over, but of course it never will be now. I don’t mean that this stage of the campaign won’t end, of course it will, but then we’ll have 3 years of American puppet regimen + increasing terrorist activity . . . in 10 years we’ll still be fully engaged fighting a full blown terrorist holding action . . . it really is enough to make you despair. I guess the Americans are so deluded that they think shooting people is a good way to control terrorist activity. They’ll learn eventually I guess . . . or not as the case may be :-(