Friday, February 28, 2003

Sod it - I'm going to the pub.

Hmmm - feeling a bit better now. In fact toying with the concept of going to the Chandos to meet Flatmate2 and chums. Probably not a good idea. Mucho to get through tomorrow and, oh yes, I smell of booze. Hardly likely to impress anyone.

Had lunch with Rachel today. Or rather she had lunch and I watched her while simultaneously moving a pile of slop from one side of my plate to the other. Looks like she'll be coming to work with me soon - should be fun. Been nearly 4 years since we were last on a job together - will be like return to the womb, except without the cinemas, chinese restaurants and non-existant work ethic :-)

Ugh - horribly hung over. Made the mistake of going to the Princess Louise with Mac, Stev and Mr C. Bumped into Rolando while I was there and there was much drinking. He was going to some sort of vampire party upstairs but stopped over first to do some horrible name dropping. Tchh.

Stev in surprisingly good form given that he is not drinking at the moment. Apparently 5 pints of lemonade in a session is his limit. Gross. Imagine it - over half a gallon of sweet fizzy soda. Anyway got home to find Flatmate1 and Flatmate1's friend still up and about so would have been rude to go to bed without drinking another bottle of wine. Ick. Blech. Never again etc etc.

Thursday, February 27, 2003

Hmmm - could be helping Cpt Haddock install the new mast on his yacht on Saturday . . . think I'll stick with painting. It's not like he can get enough crew anyway.

Actually it really is turning into a hectic weekend - I have to get a picture framed and see Indiana Jones on Sunday. Will the excitement never end?

Hmm - looks like my request for people to join me in a trip to Iceland has fallen pretty much on deaf ears - people really have no imagination. Still I'm sure they'll change their minds when I propose the new destination - Kamchatka.

But before all that - much more excitement is in order for this weekend. Finally, after 3 months of talking about it, we're painting the living room. Whoo-hoo. Goodbye grey green / lime green, Hello pale yellow / browny yellow. Eeesh . . .

Friday, February 21, 2003

Just sent out a ridiculously over the top message in praise of bookcrossings.

I mean it's good but I think I might have used the phrase 'totally awesome'. Feel a bit foolish.