Monday, October 20, 2003

Weird I just won a free meal. Kinda. I don't usually win stuff, but then I don't usually compete either. I was just eating a bag of crisps ( 530 kCal/100g 49%c 34%f) and I thought - what's this weird blue packet in here for, oh I see there's some sort of promotion.

It would make more sense if snack manufacturers gave away aerobic mats and step machines as prizes, but I guess that would rather highlight the downside of the snack in the first place. God - I can be such a sanctimonius git sometimes, considering my tea last night consisted of picking bits of chicken and roast potatos off FM2's 'Roast in the Bag' chicken followed by an entire steamed treacle pudding.

Luckily there is a participating outlet mere yards from my front door.

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