Monday, October 20, 2003

I will never understand the salad policy at work. There are basically 3 options :

1) Make your own and then have it as is
2) Make your own and have it fried
3) Select a ready made salad pot

OK seems pretty logical (if we ignore the concept of frying a salad) but it's not. All the make your own options are super dull : tomato, sweetcorn, green beans, bean sprouts, leaves, carrot. lettuce, cucumber, mushrooms, rice, that's it. Even dousing all the ingredients in balsamic dressing and then chile oil frying it ain't gonna help. However the ready made salads are generally just bizarre. In fact I'm eating one right now - chick peas, kidney beans, tomato, lettuce, olives, green beans, red onion & cubed extra mature cheddar cheese.

I have a feeling I've mithered on about this before but hey - so what.

I'm not getting a new PC now after all. But I want it. But I can't have it. But I want it. Bugger. I had to ask my Landlord to delay paying the rent cheque in till later to avoid it bouncing so I'm definitely not buying anything. I'll buy it next month when I'm rich again.

I had a pretty good weekend - interesting and revealing. But more on that later. And it was really cheap - total expenditure £19 - can't complain there.

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