Monday, October 13, 2003

Back to work with avengance. Been ploughing my way through 1001 e-mails o'shite. Dullness pesonified. Can't get images of Shibuya at night out of my head - will get some pickies up as soon as pos, but promise not to bang on like a terrific bore. I always find other people's travelogues ( "and this is where we found the most amazing onion rings and Judy had her purse stolen" ) a bit tedious to be frank so I won't reproduce - just a few choice comments, the most petinent one being : Japan - it's a blast! So when I can be arsed to get the pics sorted out I will stick a few up and anotate.

Things don't seem to have changed much in cube land while I've been away - same old same old. I celebrated my return with a quick blow for anarchy by not stirring the soup cannister before pouring myself a cup. In this way I get a cup of soup for lunch instead of a cup of carrot and courgette chunks.

In the spirit of organisation that has gripped me since my return I have started the long overdue laundry tidy and finally got my palm pilot sorted out as well - yay!

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