Friday, October 17, 2003

Feel just a tad queasy today – went out last night and had, um, about 6 pints, - 3 of Filthy Aingerbräu and 3 Stella. But what really did the damage was the glass of absinthe I drank when I got home. It’s 70% proof for fuck’s sake. Cue dozing off in front of the telly & waking up at 2.45am.

Not good. Feel a bit poy. But will have nice relaxing evening in this evening. Will make some fish and barley soup, get on with my laundry backlog and generally chill out. Don’t know if there’s anything on the telly – might go to Bollockbastard, except I have a feeling I owe them money. Plus of course I have no real desire to enter their doors for the following reasons:

1) It’s like, rilly expensive. IN my mind you shouldn’t be paying £3.50 to rent a flipping dvd. For 2 quid more you could have gone and seen it in the cinema.

2) And this is my main gripe, BB seems to be staffed entirely by the subnormal. Apologies to you if you work there, but ffs get with the program guys. I mean how long can it take to open a couple of boxes, stuff a tape /dvd in, run a bar code scanner over a card and take the money. Answer about 7 minutes if you work at BB. On Friday / Saturday night the queue goes all the way through the shop and starts coiling up round the horror section. And frankly I have better things to do with my time than stand in line with the mutant rejects of NE London renting ‘All Holes Filled!’/’Happy Scrappy Hero Pup.’

Earlier I went mad in the canteen. Not literally, I just suffered a momentary attack of consumer insanity. It’s because I have a hangover. Anyway today’s lunch :

1 x Prawn mayonnaise & lettuce on baguette
1 x Cream of tomato soup
1 x Apple
1 x Orange
1 x Peanutbatterypack
1 x Veryberry
1 x Rikarikas
1 x Vanilla Coke (the best bit)

I just love Vanilla Coke. I understand that it’s inherently wrong, in fact it’s essence of pure evil, but I just don’t care. I love it.

All the weird stiff comes from The Positive Food Company, who would appear to be attempting to do for carbo loaded sugary snacks what Ben & Jerry did for ice cream.

Goddam that Vanilla Coke is good. It tastes like, I dunno, like the future & nostalgia rolled into one. Vanilla coke tastes like the episode of Enterprise where T’Pol’s ‘ancestor’ was stranded on Earth – Carbon Creek.

I’m not actually a big fan of nostalgia – I think it’s overrated. What was so cool about the past anyway. OK you can look back to the early 80s and see ra-ra skirts, legwarmers and leotards – all good things but nobody had a mobile phone did they?

And as for those baby-boomers always blathering on about the 1950s. OK maybe America had trucks and miracle whip and drive-ins but from what I can see the 1950s in the UK looked, frankly, shit. A whole decade of pipe smoking, the 11+, short hair, the cold war, Meccano, waiting for the bus and Dan Dare. Jeepers!

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