Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Tee-hee. I'm totally enjoying the current Conservative Leadership Aneurysm. They start voting on the future of IDS at 17.30. Watch this space . . .

But seriously - what exactly do they think they're doing. Tony has just fought the least popular war in history and is not considered to be making much headway at home either and still they can't take any advantage from this. If they elect Micheal Howard it'll be the funniest thing ever. Michael Howard, folks, was probably the most detested politician of recent years. When he was Home Secretary people loathed him - he was a hate figure for the whole country - right wing, slimy, arrogant and, of course, utterly and completely incapable of empathising with anyone who isn't a white male tory. Even his own deputy (Ann Widdecombe) famously said there was 'Something of the night' about him.

And this is the Tories top tip. Wow!

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