Thursday, October 30, 2003

My fish health thing didn’t quite work out as planned. No problem with the fish buying, and I totally impressed the fish lady in Waitrose by telling her I could gut my own Mackerel. Which I can.

So two Mackerel guttings and a tuna slicing later I’m cooking the sushi rice, and it doesn’t work properly AGAIN. What am I doing wrong? It’s starting to yank my chain. This batch wasn’t sticky enough and too sweet, tho I think that was cos I added too much sugar. It did however taste more like sushi rice . . . well a bit.

After that I kind of lost interest in the whole thing and instead of delicious and nutritious sushi what I actually had for my tea was 6 pieces of La Viche Qui Rit mainlined straight from the packet, half a bottle of white wine and 3 cans of Grolsch. YAY!

And - for reasons that escape me now - I’ve agreed go out for a meal in Walkern this evening with my colleagues so I won’t be eating it tonight either. Yet again the fridge is starting to fill up with elderly poisson - it’s just sheer waste and I’m annoyed with myself. Maybe if I make it into soup this evening when I get home (will be about 11.30 I guess) then I can have it for lunch tomorrow. Except I haven’t got anything to put in it except fish and garlic. Fine if I was a Roman but as it is . . .

You would think that what with Mad Cow and all no-one would really want to be selling products that advertise themselves with an insane looking vache:-

‘rit’-ing or otherwise.

But seriously – if anyone is concerned that their hamburgers are infected with BSE they can follow the simple steps described here to discover of there is any danger.

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