Friday, October 17, 2003

I just had a bit of a blow out and bought a new computer from Dell. It was a totally spur of the moment thing and really not that wise as at the moment I'm brokety-broke-broke. Can't even pay the rent so what I'm doing bying new P4 mini towers is a mystery.

What I really want (at least in so far as my carbonated soft drink requirements go) is to be able to buy Vanilla Coke in a Classic Coke bottle but with a yellow/cream metal cap, like the colour of the plastic Vanilla Coke cap.

Maybe I should cancel the PC?? It's pretty cheap though and I need a new system since I fubared my laptop. Speaking of which I have decided to remove windows and install Linux on it which might make it sing and dance as it did in it's youth again.

Actually I love that laptop not because it's particularly high powered but because it's silver with a beautiful dove grey and cream keyboard. It's just a pity it's a hunk of junk and the people who made it , pico, went out of business. Or rather more accurately disappeared off the face of the planet.

Who are those people who ship their stuff out in the cow boxes. I like the boxes, but a bell is ringing somewhere about the company . . .

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