Monday, October 27, 2003

I've totally been watching the DVDs of Spaced - series I & II.

Somehow this completely passed me by first time around - just never got it. Or for that matter even heard of it . . . how? I don't know because it is just fantastic. You'd think someone would have mentioned it to me before now though wouldn't you? Clearly not.

So watch it if you get a chance. Or you could just buy the DVDs. Although again - not if you're American - there's that pesky regional coding again.

The DVD regional coding system was really set up to do 1 thing - protect 1st run US movies against being seen elsewhere on DVD while still in theatrical release. This was because the prints from the US release would then be shipped off abroad and the movie released later. These days of course most big movies are released simultaneously around the globe - the cost advantages of running a single global marketing campaign now easily outweigh the additional print costs.

All the DVD regional coding is doing now is restricting what Americans can watch from the rest of the world, especially when you consier that everyone else in the world who didn't live in Region 1 just bought a multi-region chipped DVD player anyway, and continued ordering Region 1 disks without interrupion. So there's a nice example of protectionism in action : legislation enacted to protect the Motion Picture Academy of America instead works in the exact opposite way.

Now Playing : Timo Maas, Loud.

Which Frankly is a bit boring.

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