Monday, October 27, 2003

Let's hear it for the humble prawn. Today I'm eating a rice and prawn salad which apart from suffering the usual canteen salad problems, including being improperly mixed together is a fine thing. And let's face it - it ain't the rice that's doing it, tho there is a rather pleasant spicy herb mix in there. So why do prawns rock?? OK:-

1) Tasty
2) Good for you. Prawns are low in fat & carbs for meat/fish products (ish).
3) Not expensive anymore. Or not particualarly so. OK so in the grand scheme of things chicken is cheaper but so what?
4) On the downside prawn farming has been linked to envoronmental damage in the developing world, but hey! what hasn't??

But basically prawns are best because they're modular. Like Lego. I'm not the first person to make the 'modular like lego=good' connection, I first read it in Microserfs - still an absolute favourite read.

What this means is that prawns are easy - you eat them in one bite, you grab a handful of them from the freezer and throw them in, you don't need a knife and fork to eat them.

So is there any downside to this wunderfud? Yes there is - I'm sick of them. Pretensious and overprivelleged I may be, but frankly I don't care. You can keep 'em. In fact if I see one more prawn jumallayah or whatnot . . .

Actually it's been while since I read Microserfs, but even then its New World Silicon Valley DotComs reinvent our understanding of human consciousness and interactivity seemed pretty extreme. Not to mention wildly naive. So why is it still a great read. It may be about computers and coders and the dotcom experience, but basically it's a love story, and those never go out of fashion. Read, learn, invardly digest, and then tell me I'm talking bollocks.

And on the Lego front they have started opening Lego only retail outlets. This is so cool. If only I could go and totally splurge . . . one day.

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