Thursday, September 25, 2003

WOW – all the sandwiches in the vending machine are new. I don’t mean new today (doy) but new flavours – this is unprecedented.

You might have noticed I spend a lot of time talking about vending machines but this is only because I work on a secure campus far from the nearest normal shop. As the rest of my team are based in the US its normally very, very quiet around here. As a result going to the vending machine is almost . . . social. I think they’re starting to develop totemic properties for me – when I lost my Girovend card I felt naked.

Before people start reaching for the ‘Lunatic Alert’ button I do have something approaching a normal social life outside of work – I simply don’t ‘get’ corporate social interaction. As I have neither a mortgage a spouse a car nor 1.7 kids I have little to contribute on this front.

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