Tuesday, September 09, 2003

At least I seem to have provisionally sorted out my Islington Council problem. Like so much in life its unpleasant threats and uncaring manner was molified by the application of £££ and of course the offer of plenty more of the same in the near future. My flatmates are gonna blow a gasket when they find out. However 'tis not my fault if they are such paupers - bills have to be paid :-(

It seems to have taken all afternoon to get the basics of the deal down and then make sure I have enough money to cover everything else. Have had much discussions with my lovely Agents (BTW - those don't look like any IT people I've ever met) and a variety of HR people. I guess we can be thankful we live in the modern era and such things can be done online - sing YEA! for Fieldglass. Of course if it was still 1834 I wouldn't have had to pay so fast so wouldn't have had to raise the cash so fast. Swings and roundabouts. On the other hand I'd probably be dead if it was 1834, so shouldn't really complain.

Normally I wouldn't get so uptight about this but 1) I'm going to Japan next month and need the money 2) Flatmates are driving me nuts - always hanging aroud in the kitchen cooking & complaining that I haven't done the washing up / bought bin bags / taken the recycling out.

It's probably all my fault. Just so long as no-one talks to me during University Challenge and is suitably amazed when I get the physics questions right I will fulfil my manly role.

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