Thursday, September 25, 2003

Eeessh - still in the cube. If people can get thrombosae (pedant) from sitting in airplane seats surely they can get them in their cubes as well?? I suppose you tend to have more space in your cube really, plus there's the trips to the canteen etc.

That'd be a fun office - the one where you only have as much space as if you were in coach. Every time you wanted to go to the toilet or to get a soda or to go to the photocopier you'd have to ask your colleagues to stand up so you could get out. Actually the whole scenario has rather a nightmarish feel to it. The flight attendants would be the bosses - you couldn't speak to them and they would come to you only when they had something for you to do.

Assignments would be given out like the meals - if you got to work late and had to sit at the back of the office you'd get shitty assignments cos all the good ones would've gone. And you have to keep your elbows tucked in when you're typing or you'd keep knocking your colleagues dictaphone.

Really a nightmare. And speaking of which I'm having a computer nightmare at home. The PC has gone back to Mac where it belongs and I have broken my laptop. Don't know what I did to it but it totally died on me. I've managed to get it booting off a floppy but can't get Windows to re-install - the BIOS thinks it's a virus and I can't find out how to turn it off.

Think I'll try LINUX instead. Can't afford a new machine right now - going to Japan in a week. YAY!

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