Tuesday, September 30, 2003

I’m so tired today and still have tons to do :-( so obviously writing my blog is going to help me get through it faster. At the moment I have a list of the 600 most popular intranet searches for the last month and my job is to recreate the search, decide whether the most relevant resource comes in the top 3, record the URL etc and if the results are bad, find the most appropriate resource (it’s lucky I’m a pretty damn hot searcher) and then fuck about with metadata to get it into the top 3. Two points are clear from this:-

1) I must have done something pretty serious in a previous life to deserve this. Alternatively I may have been really dull and the Gods of the Eternal Wheel of Life think they are rewarding me.

2) Users are stupid. I know this is not a revelation for anyone in the IT world but the two most popular searches are " test " and " * " which together account for nearly 5 times as many searches as the next most popular search. And entering " manage* " or " form " isn’t going to get them very far either.

But why am I so tired – mostly because I couldn’t sleep. I was actually in bed by midnight but sleep was not forthcoming. So I got up and watched some TV. Then back to bed but no sleep. Watched a DVD in bed – still no good. Read Battle Angel Alita – just made me feel a tad queasy. This is why 2.15am found me alphabetizing the spice rack in the kitchen. I didn’t know there were so many herbs and spices that began with the letter ‘c’.

I’m generally not too bad on the insomnia front but sometimes it comes at me with avengance. I think I’m stressing about my upcoming trip to Japan. It’s supposed to be a holiday and is mostly pretty sorted, but I’m feeling broke right now and worried about overspending – even tho I know Japan is not that expensive anymore. Plus I really don’t want to make any hideous faux pas at the Onsen / Ryokan / anywhere really. I’m sure I’ll be fine when I get there. 48 hours from now I should (hopefully) be somewhere over Kazakhstan. YAY.

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