Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Presumeably people other than me have taken a big swig of coffee thinking it's tea before. Do you guys then think 'oh I thought that it was tea but actually it's coffee' or do you immediately start to suffer strange conscious / unconscious brain conflicts.

I just did exactly this and my brain was saying 'that's tea' but my mouth was saying 'that's coffee'. Somehow this resolved itself as my brain deciding 'That's tea, but it's the most disgusting foul tea you've ever tasted.' So I found myself gagging on this hideous brew. Having choked it down and still with a strong bitter acrid taste in my mouth logic re-asserted itself and I thought it must be coffee.

And indeed it is so - going back to the cup, a peer, a sniff, a cautious sip. Yes - it's coffee. Entirely normal, inocuous coffee. But just because I thought it was something else it was transformed into something horrible. Just goes to show - physical experience is entirely subjective. But I guess we probably knew that already.

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