Friday, September 19, 2003

Am I as dull as my colleagues?? God let it not be so.

Today (being Friday) is a big day for congregating in excitable chattering groups and going to the canteen for communal horror food. The DB boys started milling about behind my cube about 12 and talking so loudly about fuck knows what I was forced to start listening to the Donnas and thinking dark thoughts.

In the end they were forced to continue to their destination without one of their members. Where oh where was Derek? Seriously, the absence of Derek was causing major consternation! Just when I thought they were about to send out search parties Raj came by. By lucky chance he knew the whereabouts of the missing team-mate - he'd totally blown off those raggety-ass Oracle programmers and gone into town to buy a tie. BEDLAM ensues.

If I ever end up like these guys I might as well just get myself a noose because it'll be ALL OVER FOR ME.

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