Saturday, September 27, 2003

As I was lying in the bath this morning I made a mental list of everything that was in there and it really seemed rather excessive:

1 x Bath
1 x Shower
1 x Sink
1 x Bathroom cabinet & contents
1 x Radiator
2 x Toothbrushes
1 x Witch stick
1 x Tea tree oil gel
1 x King of Shaves Hypoallergenic shaving gel
1 x Deoderant
1 x CK1
1 x Dettol
1 x Rubber duck
1 x Mr Muscle Bathroom cleaner
1 x Cif foaming cream bathroom cleaner
1 x Foaming shaving gel
1 x Listerine
3 x Toothpaste
1 x Bath Oil
24 x Assorted shampoos, conditioners & shower gels
1 x Coal tar soap
1 x Bath soap
1 x Mystery blue thing
1 x E45
1 x Shelf
12 x Disposable Razors
1 x Gillette Mach 3 Turbo
1 x Gillette Sensor
1 x Giant sponge
2 x Pummice Stones
1 x Cup of tea
1 x Pan (me)

And this where it starts to get odd

1 x Clothes horse
1 x Shoe rack
1 x Picture of laughing hippo
1 x Bucket
1 x Washing up bowl full of BBQ gear
1 x Floor mop
2 x Brooms
1 x Stepladder (small)
1 x Rubbish basket
2 x Recycling trugs
1 x Boiler
1 x Chest of drawers & contents
1 x Wardrobe & contents
2 x Karrymats
2 x Tents
1 x Rucksack
3 x Live plants
1 x Dead plant
29 x Items of clothing
4 x Towels
1 x Iron
1 x Ironing Board
1 x Rug
1 x Electric Heater
1 x Grow your own bonsai kit
1 x Chair
1 x Suitcase
1 x Vacuum Cleaner
1 x Guitar
1 x Mattress

Mattress!! What kind of flat has a mattress in its bathroom? As you have no doubt surmised the bathroom is pretty big but still - something must be done about it. Also the mattress is not on the floor. It’s behind the wardrobe – we bring it out for guests.

In fact it’s a miracle that I was in the bathroom at all. Somehow I managed to leave my keys at work and couldn’t get in as Flatmate 1 is in Spain and 2 was out. Kinda embarrassing as Marise was with me and in the end we had to get a taxi to her place. Which she wanted to avoid as it’s full of builders and dust. Fortunately managed to get hold of fm2 this morning and she let me in. Have spare keys now. Its all because my routine got out of sync and I left my keys stuck in the desk draw at work. DOH. I hate losing stuff – I have (so far) never permanently lost my keys and I have lost my wallet exactly once. I got home after having been to Tarboush. It’s a great restaurant (despite its eery lack of web presence) but if you go in a large group it takes them a long time and you end up drinking A LOT. And its really pretty weird - you walk up 2 flights of narrow stairs and then through a permanently empty nightclub to get to it. But anyway I staggered back to Hampstead with Hari & Mac and suddenly realised I no longer had my wallet. So I rang the bank to cancel my cards. Slurred a lot but all fine. Then I rang the restaurant to ask if they had my wallet. Had a quick drink and Mac rang the restaurant to apologise (don't ask). I rang the restaurant to apologise. Then I rang the bank to cancel my cards. By great misfortune I got the same call centre person. “Yes Sir, I can assure you that your cards are still cancelled.”

Got my Japan Rail Voucher as well this morning. YAY.

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