Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Phew - its a whole week since I've been anywhere in the evening!! Some sort of record for me, unless you count Waitrose as going out which personally I don't as even I'm not that sad.

Watching Jamie Oliver last night I was struck by his incredible patience. The man is £2M down on the deal to help these rotten kids out (albeit whilst garnering some not inconsiderable publicity for himself) and they're still dicking him about, turning up late, slagging him off and constantly moaning and he's still helping them out and bending over backwards to accomodate them.

OK in his role as the Sainsbury's poster boy for twat you do sometimes feel like picking up the TV running onto the roof and hurling it 5 stories down onto a passing lorry transporting an unstable consignment of semtex just to make him shut the fuck up but even so . . . Jamie for your next series why not foget the disadvantaged yoof and instead open a restaurant staffed entirely by 30 year old IT professionals?

I can see the TV series now : "This week on 'Jamie's Kitchen : the Professionals' Jamie is embarrassed by being the last person in to work 3 days running and has to work the bistro as punishment. His lack of opinion on Andy and Steve's 4 week debate '5 door VW Golf Diesel vs Mazda Tribute Semi SUV' further fails to impress. Meanwhile Lisa has Bluetooth enabled the grill station and Roger cooks a hamburger with blue cheese via his pda whilst navigating the North Circular during rush hour."

Alright its a crap idea but so are the kids in Jamies Kitchen.

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