Thursday, September 25, 2003

Hah – nearly bought another Nutri-Grain bar but managed to stop myself in time. Bought a packet of Golden Wonder Bacon Flavoured Wheat Crunchies instead which are only – holy crap – 492 kCal / 100g. Way to go Wheat Crunchies.

If you had 500g you’d have practically all your calorie needs for the day and 500g is only a bit more than 1 lb. Maybe I should start a category of devil foods – those foods for which if you ate 1 lb you’d go over the daily recommended calorific intake in one go. Of course these things are completely arbitary but we’ll say k2.3 for women and k2.8 for men. So 492 x 4.536 (no of 100gs in 1 lb) = 2,232. Phooey. I’m disappointed – doesn’t qualify for men or women. My search for ‘Pound a Day’ food must continue elsewhere.

Of course calorific content is a very blunt tool; carbohydrate and fat levels are much more revealing. Let’s see what they are for the Wheat Crunchies :- Carbs : 56g, Fat : 25g. Wheat Crunchies ROCK!

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