Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Last night Phil and myself arranged to go for a drink but manged to miss eachother through sheer disorganization and incompetence rather than an unfortunate chain of events.

I really need to take charge and become one of those organized and efficient people I pretend to despise but secretly admire. I could start by sorting out my flat - I don't mean my flatmates ;-) I mean the steadily encroaching chaos.

You'd think that after all these years being responsible for the day to day aspects of my own life that I'd have learnt the basics wouldn't you? Huh-uhh.

Basic errors still committed by YT that only cause more work later.

1) Dropping dirty clothes on the floor
2) Not putting books back on shelves
3) Piles of videos, DVDs, games, system disks & CDs all jumbled up behind the teev
4) Leaving clean clothes in the machine so long they have to go round again (12 hours)
5) Not putting CDs back in boxes
6) Dropping clean clothes on the floor
7) Can't be bothered to program my mobile phone properly (sucky Motorola. Motorala! Yuk!)
8) Not paying utility bills till the final demand arrives. Why?? I have the money - it's not going anywhere?????
9) CV not updated as I go along.
10) Dropping dirty & clean clothes on the floor and getting them mixed up looking for a book. GODDAMMIT!!

Can't work much out from that except one I already knew - I hate doing the laundry.

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