Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Wooo Hoooo - say what you like about QT he certainly knows how to make a gripping movie. Me and my flatmates were practically wielding imaginary swords and drop kisking eachother ourselves as we rushed out of the cinema (10:45pm - need to catch lasties). Unbelievably we actually all agreed about something - that Kill Bill is indeed a bit of a masterpiece. Can Volume 2 possibly be as good? What if it's even better?? I think my head would then explode in a Samurai-ie style excess of excitement, but let's face facts. Should one's fellow movie goers get showed with 3 pints of arterial blood in that movie no-one's really going to notice are they?

Flatmate 1 assures me that her main purpose in life (sartorially that is) is now to find herself a bright yellow jump suit.

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