Monday, November 24, 2003

I couldn’t make it up. Received mail this afternoon:-

Hi all,

We're working to improve our processes. In so doing, we'd like to know what you perceive as bureaucracy in IT Finance.

Please provide your feedback to me asap but no later than Monday, 11/30/03.


xxxxxx x xxxxxxx
Sr. Financial Analyst
IT Finance

I’m not even in IT Finance.

Having said all that they are shockingly bureaucratic. Theoretically I should fill in 3 forms every day & 1 weekly just to get paid. However trial and error has taught me that 2 forms filled in on a weekly basis has exactly the same effect if you’re happy to click through a blizzard of calendar reminders asking why you haven’t done such and such a form every time you log on.

I just don’t think an anti bureaucracy drive commencing with a global email asking for feedback is really the right tool to for this particular job. Maybe I could get on the Anti Bureaucracy Selection Panel (ABSP) and from there the Steering Committee (ABSC) and from there . . .

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