Monday, November 17, 2003

I know it’s contrary to the spirit of blogging but I simply cannot bring myself to explain the horror of the weekend. Put it this way – I am deeply, deeply ashamed of myself and the thought of Christmas where all my family will be fills me with the terror of the Pit of Despair.

Aaarggggggxxxhhhhh Aaraggggxghhhg Agagagggrrrgg !!!!!!!!!!!!

Well actually it could be worse – nobody died after all – and all that’s really been confirmed is that I’m a terrific waster with no more common sense than the average participant in “Ibiza Uncovered”.

OK – enuf of that. Congrats to England XV on sticking it to the French 24-7. This is particularly pleasing after enduring a week of the world’s press saying England were completely washed up and didn’t have a cat in hell’s chance. I guess it shows again what everyone really knows but still seems to forget in the heat of the jingoism : at this level winning at rugby isn’t about flamboyance and style – it’s about rigid discipline and grinding down the opposition without ever giving in to the temptation to go ‘off piste’. It’s not pretty but if you want to win that’s what you have to do.

Well I think that’s a first – me talking about sport in my blog. I feel ever so macho. Am somewhat reminded of RuPaul’s line from But I’m A Cheerleader : “That’s it you guys! If I catch any of you doing anything like that again – you’ll be watching sports all weekend long!”


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