Wednesday, November 12, 2003

I love this from The NC Experiment As she points out 'Geeks are cool', and I think, in this particular case at least she is correct:-

I know that nicking stuff off other people's blogs is not very creative, but I don't care really.

What isn't cool is hanging around Camden at 11.15 at night. Sure - it's pub chucking out time, and sure it's Camden but is that really any justification for the sheer concentration of street people there. And I'm not talking about yer standard homeless, but more your aggressive, alcoholic, glue sniffing type. Stopping walking for 10 seconds means almost being certainly accosted for drug money by some scary walking cirhossis. It's really quite horrible, but because it's Camden people just seem to blank it out - all just part of the scenery. Brrrr.

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