Monday, November 03, 2003

Tchhuh - BRII turned out to be pretty bad in the end so really very disappointing. It did have a pretty respectable body count (I don't think I'll be spoiling it for anyone if I tell you that most of the new class get it) but ultimately it failed because you frankly didn't give a shit if any of them lived or died. There was virtually no character development, don't think I can remember a single person's name except for Kitano, and if you thought Battle Royale was unbelievable this one is . . . farcical. Trust me - save your pennies and keep your memories of glorious Battle Royale intact.

Went to Mildred's on Saturday after getting Marise's website up and running. Say what you like about vegetarian food, but it is cheap. Ended up going to some club called (if memory serves) The Playa afterwards which with a name like that was obviously a delight. Don't really recall getting home but as I know I had no money (had to write a cheque for dinner) I can only assume I took the night bus . . .

Anyway - off to see Kill Bill (finally!) this evening so mucho looking forward to it. I like a nice violent movie now and again, as you can probably tell from my eulogies to Battle Royale.

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