Monday, November 10, 2003

Talk about a lost weekend. Achieved absolutely nothing except getting myself into such a fucked up state on Friday that Saturday was pretty much missed out altogether. Well that's what comes of drinking your own body weight in lager, an uncertain but by no means negligible amount of whisky and indulging in some other recreational pastimes, the exact nature and quantities of which remain misted in the shades of time. Thanks Kids - whoever you were!

So let's ignore Saturday except to say that whilst gazing at the Teev (the memory of what I saw is utterly non-existant) I consumed:

1 x Big Mac
20 x nuggets (w/curry sauce)
3 x KFC chicken pieces
1 x Dr Pepper 2L
1 x Fanta 2L
1 x Pepperami
1 x Angel Delight (Chocolate)
1 x Packet 'Tums'

All of which left me to rise on Sunday at about 2pm feeling as right as ninepence. What kind of a phrase is 'right as ninepence'. Is there anything 'right' about ninepence. Is there a nine pence coin? I think not. But anyway In the spirit of attempting to gain something from the weekend I went and bought a new game for the X-Box and then spent 10 hours slumped in front of the TV (again) not including a brief interruption to watch a program about Grand Unification Theory.

Must say - once you work out the battle system Knights of the Old Republic is gripping.

And I'm not much of a big Star Wars fan. And why not? Simple :- in the words of Young Mr Bisley : "Phantom Menace" - which I have still not manged to sit through without falling asleep. In fact I can't work out which I care about least - Star Wars Ep3 or Matrix 3.

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