Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Well I guess I'll be writing to my MP about the id card business. Not that it'll do any good, but at least it shows you actually give a rat's ass.

Actually, as it turns out, my MP is Jeremy Corbyn, one of the so called 'awkward squad' so at least I can be reasonably sure that I won't be dismissed out of hand for daring to question The Dear Leader. It is safe to say that Mr Corbyn is definitely not afraid to stick his head above the parapet - little chance of a PPS for him in the near future. Or ever in fact.

I suppose that when you are sitting on a 13,000 majority, get on with your constituency party and have no hope of ever achieving ministerial rank it allows you to act according to your conscience rather more than the average aparachik.

Of course for all I know Mr Corbyn might be a rabid supporter of id cards but this article from the current issue of Socialist Campaign Group News would tend to indicate he wouldn't be a natural supporter :-

" The new session of parliament will see yet another attack on asylum seekers and their rights. This time the Home Office is planning to restrict asylum seekers to one single appeal in the legal process, further removal of benefit rights for those whose initial application has been rejected and a sinister ‘right’ of the Asylum Regulator to enter solicitor’s offices to search for documents. "

Or at the very least it'll take more than The Poster Boy for Twat, David Blunkett getting on his hind legs in the HP to say 'Trust me - only those with something to hide need be afraid' to convince him.

Speaking of DB there is a lovely quote from the Guardian cover story today :-

" The home secretary [... DB ...] could not resist chuckling over how the cabinet ID card revolt led by the chancellor, Gordon Brown, and the foreign secretary, Jack Straw, had been faced down. "That's the beauty of collective decisions. When you make a collective decision, they apply collectively," he said. "

Sticking it to Gordon is one thing. Crowing about it in the national press is surely an indication of over-confidence. Or perhaps insanity. Blunkett with Blair's hand up his back may be able to outflank Gordon but frankly mate, I don't fancy your chances much if The Dear Leader's benevolent gaze whould wander for whatever reason. Simon Hoggart, again writing in the Guardian picked up on the same theme :-

" Gordon was not present at his own humiliation. But he is not one for laughing such things aside and getting back to Scotland for nappy duty. Mr Blunkett may wake up one morning and find the Home Office budget halved. Or a dead haggis in his bed. "

Now playing : Dido - Life for Rent. Need to keep my blood pressure down ;-)

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