Monday, November 17, 2003

Oh yeah - 3 things I've now remembered from The Weekend :-

1) The thing about Phil
2) Apparently dog's mouths are just teaming with germs
3) The dream I had on Saturday night.

Pan's Dream

I was living on this beautiful, mountaineous tropical island running a small theatre / household provisions shop with my oldest school friend, Joe. I don't remember much about the theatre except that it was very small and very velvety but the shop had lots of wooden shelves and compartments and sold food stuff in beautiful antique packages and glass bottles.

All my friends and family (what a surprise) kept coming in and the only down side seemed to be that due to flooding the store room had been redesigned as an oriental water garden. This meant that you had to go about on stilts to get anything and Joe kept dropping bottles of whisky and olive oil in the water. In the afternoon we went to a nearby hilltop to watch these very tall, very futuresistic red and white appartments blocks growing out of the seashore and then launching their top halfs into space.

Later on we went back to my appartment, which had a lot of plain polished wood and beige furninshings in a Pierce Brosnany sort of way, and Katrina was there. Over the course of the evening people started drifiting away and going home until it was 8 or 9pm and I knew that as Katrina didn't live on the island she must be planning to stay the night with me. So after everyone else had gone I asked her if she was going to stay with me and she told me that if she did she'd want to stay with me for the rest of her life, so she had to leave, which is exactly what she then did.

I so needed that dream.

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