Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Nothing doing today. No creative feeling at all - nothing. Actually I feel strangely tired which is odd seeing as I must have got 7 hours sleep minimum last night and only woke up once about 3 . . . weird. But I can hardly keep my eyes open. Put it this way I've been reduced to listening to Mozart (K299) in an attempt to stay awake.

Actually I think it is more the fact that I'm actually trying to concentrate on what I'm doing; which is re-testing legacy knowledge nodes for current compliance both at an application and server level. Fuck - I think I just bored myself to death.

I always feel like this whenever an evening of staying in and watching the telly looms. Is it just me or does that seem like no way to soend your life - wathcing the teev?

There of course are things I should be doing :-

a) Writing my novel.
b) Writing my screenplay.
c) Cleaning the flat with special reference to my bedroom.
d) Disposing of the scary soup (yes it's still there!!)
e) Laundry
f) Learning Japanese
g) Learning how to draw
h) Learning Perl.
i) That's it. Everything else comes into the category of 'no real intention of ever doing it' (reading Mikhail Bulgakov's diaries), 'can't do it due to lack of equipment' (going to the gym) or 'don't know how to do it' (find some meaning in the last 3 years).

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