Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Why did the ancient Egyptians only build four sided pyramids? OK this allows a certain amount of leeway in terms of quarrying stone, but if they’d been tetrahedral instead I’m sure it wouldn’t have killed them. Of course an equal sided (including the base) tetrahedral would have been too tall to retain vertical stability over hundreds of years, but they didn’t have to be equal sided. So my basic question is : why do pyramids have 4 triangular sides and one square (the base) instead of 3 triangular sides and one triangular base. What’s wrong with triangles???

Actually thinking about that and solid shapes in general, has anyone ever proved that you can’t have a solid object made entirely from sides with the same number of vertices as there are sides?

- - -

I sent my CV off to 3 agents today. Bastards – none of them have got back to me, despite the fact that they all asked for my CV un-requested. My soon to be unemployed status has evidently triggered the agency scum's Pavlovian responses and they’ve come sniffing around looking for easy pickings. So why haven’t they got back to me? Is it because they are all useless charlatans, perchance? I say this with a fair degree of equanimity because, although I say it myself, and within its extremely specialised area, my CV is Kick Ass Hot. If you wanted to do what I do (and sometimes I wonder why anyone would) it reads pretty much like an A-Z of what to do to get there.

So why aren’t they battering down my door to offer me employment?


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