Monday, February 09, 2004

I think I need treatment of some sort. The list below is just . . . awful. I've been toying with this for a couple of days, and at one point thought about not letting it go, but, well, what the hey. It was (very) vaguely inspired by badbunni post about (in part) what little freaks we all are given half a chance. So in the spirit of openness and good mental health I present to you :-

20 things that float Pan's boat, even though he knows by all that's right and proper they shouldn't. In increasing order of 'wrongness' ;-)

1) Suede boots
2) Grip top stockings
3) Tattoos
4) Freckles
5) Frosted pink lipstick
6) Sunbed tans
7) Ankle chains
8) Dirty nails
9) Camouflage combats
10) Jewellery in the bath
11) 'Pineapple' ponytails
12) White sweat pants
13) Female butchers
14) Flustered waitresses
15) Acne scars
16) Smokers
17) Speech impediments
18) Criminal records
19) Deafness
20) Bridal porn

You could be forgiven for assuming from the above list that I'm secretly attracted to women who are just a bit common. Or Liz Hurley. Or Wendy fucking James. Yikes!

Soundtrack : Apollo Four Forty - Gettin' High On Your Own Supply

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