Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Thank God - today has gone on for ever, but is now nearly over.

Me : If you don't find the resource to fix this problem that I've been telling you about for 6 months, well the current situaton will continue indefinitely.
Big Boss : Which is?
Me : That the last 18 months I've spent working on this is straight down the can - none of it can be implemented plus we can't sign off. And the rest of course.
BB : The rest?
Me : You know you were so keen to externalise this project in business orientated ways.
BB : Yeah?
ME : Well miraculously they bought it and X and Y and Z are, AS YOU KNOW, committed and have assigned development teams and rollouts. If we don't fix this all of that will crash and burn.
BB : Ooh - it sure is a tricky one isn't it?

However, in 2 hours I will be in the pub. YAY!

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